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CVI, a US 501c(3) Organization, represents 
 an Ecuadorian Non-Profit Organization 
Investing resources in low income communities for Christ across Latin America by providing an integrated set of accessible, affordable, and quality solutions that consist of: 1) Quality Christian education; 2) economic development; 3) nutrition & health and 4) spiritual development.

An integrated approach in these 4 areas and a Permanent Presence will transform a community.

Bring accessible, affordable, and quality Christian education to Latin America one community at a time through student sponsorships. Your monthly donation will help change a child's life.

We need your help! We're currently looking for educators, professionals, and administrators to work with the Latin American communities we serve. We, also, have multiple short term opportunities and internship programs available!

A 3 Year study by James Tooley through funding from the CATO Institute has shown that private education is the key to breaking the chain of poverty in 3rd world countries. Click here to see more reports and assessments on our Ecuador program.